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Where are the good places to eat?2018-06-06T16:47:22+00:00

Where are the good places to eat?

Where are the good places to eat? We get this question a lot.  Each year there are some new offerings and some Solid continuous eateries that are always good.  Sometimes you have to sacrifice the great food for the amenities due to the wait or having an awesome playground for the kids.  Below are some of our favorites.

Best Snacks and Smoothies

Soul Bowlz in Gulf Shores has awesome healthy shakes and fruit bowlz.

Picnic Beach in Gulf Shores.  It is a cool place to hang out and they have healthy snacks and some finger licking BBQ go figure.


You are at the beach so you simply must try some gulf seafood.  Check out some of our favorites below.

Cobalts – Excellent place to go after your photo session. The food is consistently good they have an awesome view and on most night live music at the cabana bar out back.

Fin and Fork – They have Amazing seafood and a great Filet.  They also take reservations which is great during the busy season.


What should I bring to my session? 2018-06-04T20:46:56+00:00

What should I bring to my session? 

What should I bring to my session? If you want to include a certain item that seems “beachy” props (shells, starfish, buckets) but you are welcome to bring anything you want.  You can bring special toys or blankets to a cooler of “goodies” for the adults (glass bottles are not allowed on the beach… You should bring snacks if your little one might get hungry. It is always fun to get candid photos of children which means they get a little sandy or wet. I suggest bringing a change of clothes and towels if you want some “action” shots. Baby powder is the best way to remove sand from DRY skin. “Google” it!

What not to bring Sun Glasses!  It takes time to adjust your eyes after taking off your sunglasses which causes excessive squinting.  Please leave them at the Condo or in the car where they will be safe from being scratched and causing squinting.

What should I wear to the photo session?2019-01-29T17:11:26+00:00

What should I wear to the photo session? 

A lot of our customers wonder what should I wear to the photo session?   There will be some sitting poses so try to wear something comfortable.  Try not wear outfits where your bra strap is showing (unless you are okay with this).  If you do not want tan lines, wear something that covers them up. The traditional white shirts with khaki bottoms are very popular because it is easy to have everyone match.  Color looks GREAT on the beach. It is much easier to coordinate (everyone wears a pastel top and khaki bottom) the outfits that match. Neutral colors work the best.

What if it rains?2018-06-04T20:22:02+00:00

What if it rains? 

What if it rains? The weather in the summer time changes throughout the day.  There is typically a late afternoon thunder storm. I know the weather app is calling for rain.   Most of the time the weather has cleared by picture time.   We will do our best to make sure you get your photoshoot.  Sometimes this means moving locations or adjusting the photo times slightly.   Rain earlier in the day will not cancel your session. The most beautiful sessions have been after a rain. If your session is canceled because of inclement weather (thunderstorms/hurricanes), we will do our best to reschedule. Trust me; I am NOT going out on the beach in a storm! If we are unable to reschedule your session, your deposit will be refunded in full.

Do You Edit2018-06-04T20:16:33+00:00


The answer is yes.  All photos are taken in RAW format and adjusted before they are set to you.

Do you edit? Heavy Editing is NOT included in your package.  Included in the package price are: horizon straightening a color correction, Shadow reduction and/or brightness. This gives the sunset photos a brighter more daytime look while retaining the sunset look.    You are on the beach, outside, and there is WIND. I’ll try and place you in the best position possible to minimize the wind.   Please be mindful of your bra strap showing, cover it up or tape it.   Try not to get sunburned before the shoot. It is not just the ladies,  those sunglass tan lines on the men are really stark.  If possible, book our session early in your stay and use SUNBLOCK!!  Most people get sunburned on the first full day of vacation.  The sun is much stronger here than in Oklahoma, Arkansas, etc.! The sand and water magnifies the sun’s rays and you can get burned in a few minutes. Reapply sunblock often!

You can have any of your photos touched up with enhanced editing.   If you have a wall hanger or really want to fix your hair in that one photo just let us know and for a fee, we can fix that photo/photos

Welcome to the  Beach Life FAQ page. We know that you are excited about your upcoming photo session and may have some Questions!

We are living the Beach Life and that means FUN, SUN, and more FUN!!!

We have compiled some frequently asked questions in our Beach Life FAQ page that our customers have asked.  The first step is to come relaxed! If you need to have a glass of wine/beer/margarita, have one (or two not three).  This is your session so let’s make it fun!  We will do our best to make it as fun and painless as possible.  Please tell the men in your session to contain their excitement about the photo session! 🙂   We encourage you to laugh and have a good time at the photo session.  During your session, we will have races, jump from rocks, collect seashells, and investigate starfish!  Your kids are going to be silly and that is okay. You should be silly too!! RELAX and have fun! Here at Beach Life, we are all about having a fun photo session.  Your photographer is striving to capture the fun of your amazing beach vacation.   Your session will have natural and candid poses. We can discuss beforehand any and all poses or groupings you want. If you are a big group, I suggest making a configuration list so nothing is overlooked. Your photographer will give you plenty of direction but it helps to know what you want. We have plenty of poses that will fit your families attitude. You are welcome to develop your own.  Pinterest is a fantastic resource. Looking forward to seeing you at the Beach.

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