Gulf Shores Photographer

Are you planning your vacation and looking for a Gulf Shores photographer?  You are not alone!  Thank you for checking out our site.  Here are some examples from a recent family photo session!  Scroll through these family photos to see what I think turned out to be a magical sunset photo session.

Gulf Shores Photographer Family Group Photo in Orange Beach Al

Gulf Shores Photographer Family Group Photo

Couple Photo during family photo session in Orange Beach Al

The Big Dip

Photo of Mother and her two daughters Gulf Shores Photographer Family Group Photo

Mom and Daughters

Large group photos Photographer Gulf Shores al

Large group Photo

Photographer Gulf Shores alabama family photo session family photos

Couple photo at sunset

Photographer gulf shores alabama photo of a family at the beach in a group hug

Group hug

Photo of the kids

Grown up to fast

Mom and Dad having their portrait taken in the shade of a sand dune

Meet the Parents


Why use a photographer?

With all of the recent upgrades and features on our smartphones, do we still need to hire a photographer?  Well, yes you do, lol!  Someone has to arrange the family, and pose you in a way that looks natural.  Basically, we herd families like nobody’s business!  On a serious note, even though our phones have come a long way, they are still small.  Our professional equipment has a 1.69-inch sensor, that can let in a lot of light!   Our 24-megapixel photos will be much clearer, even before edits than any phone can capture.  And then there are edits!

Every family has a designated photographer, usually, her name is “mom”!

This was her night to relax and let a Gulf Shores photographer take the wheel.  Again, thank you, Paige, and family!  I am honored that you allowed me to take your family pics!

Fresh eyes!

Another reason to hire a Gulf Shores photographer to capture your vacation beach portraits is fresh eyes!  Every photographer has their own unique style.  If you always use the same hometown photographer, you may want to try one of our beach photographers while you are here.  We may offer suggestions or poses that you haven’t thought of before.  The result will be a different way of capturing your family photos.

The most important reason to hire a family photographer is that we only get one “Today”.

Time does move on, and if we don’t capture our memories today, we won’t get another chance.  Beach Shutters Photography wants to provide the best possible images of your memories.  We want you to look back and smile warmly.  Looking at your vacations photos should take you back to where you can almost smell the salt in the air!

Ready to schedule your 2019 photo session?  Call, text or email to set up your vacation beach portraits!

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